Boy Scouts is about building character, developing personal fitness, learning leadership and citizenship. These goals are achieved in the outdoors. The adventure of hiking, camping, swimming, boating, high-adventure challenges, and touring is woven into the program.  We meet weekly, camp one weekend per month and provide community service several times a year.   If you are interested in joining us, please click on the contact us link above.

Troop 151 strives to be a “boy-run” troop which means that at times the meetings seem less than organized than it would be if a parent ran them. This is how leadership skills are developed and the boys do not start out knowing everything about leading and organizations. They learn through Junior Leadership Training, observation, role modeling, and trial and error about what does and does not work. The meetings are managed by the Senior Patrol Leader and his assistant.   In Boy Scouts, the parents are assisting with the yearly planning and activities, but it is the boys responsibility to run the weekly meetings and be involved intimately with the planning.