Hypothermia & Frostbite

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Hypothermia Hypothermia occurs when the body experiences a decrease in core temperature. There are varying severities of hypothermia, the cooler the core body temperature the more severe the hypothermia. Prolonged exposure to cool, wet, windy environmental conditions increases the likelihood of hypothermia. Surprisingly, hypothermia can occur even in cool weather (up to 50º F) . When spending time outdoors in colder weather, the body generates heat to maintain core body temperature in two ways: through exercise and by shivering, which … Read More

Tips for Cold Weather Camping

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The key to a successful winter camping trip is having the right gear and becoming an informed winter camper. Make sure you have appropriate clothing. Wool socks, warm boots, thermal underwear and a warm jacket are essential, and don’t forget to bring gloves. Dressing in layers will help you regulate your body temperature and can make a big difference in extremely cold temperatures. Pack clothing according to the climate you are camping in; down garments are great in dry climates, … Read More

Last call for Dec camp out.

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Parents, Last call for Dec camp out.  Need a return email by this Friday if your scout would still like to participate. Have confirmed several WPI grad students will be in attendance to conduct some cool experiments for the boys during the indoor segment of the Saturday program. Have the following 10 scouts confirmed: Dorman Fallavollita Jameson Lapidus – 2 Lovell Milton – 2 Suraci Wheeler   Darrell

Masonic Lodge fund raiser on Monday Dec 8

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Parents, Here’s a reminder about this Masonic Lodge fund raiser on Monday Dec 8 (see attached flyer). Beneficiary is Deanne Flibbert’s Needy Student Committee at Major Edwards. Please try to attend or consider purchasing tickets as a gift for someone else. Event tickets can be purchased up to night of the event on-line (http://www.boylstonlodge.org/events2.html) or can be purchased at the door. Deadline for dinner tickets is Dec 5.   Winter Concert2014-1 Darrell

The Mohegan Council “Turkey Shoot” November 22, 2014

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The Mohegan Council “Turkey Shoot” is a shooting contest where frozen turkeys are awarded as prizes. This event is run by BSA trained and certified shooting sports instructors and volunteers. The first 100 Boy Scouts and Venture’s will compete in Archery, Rifle, and Shot Gun, while the first 100 Webelos will compete with Archery, Pellet Rifles, and Sling Shots. The frozen turkey winners are chosen by the 3 highest target scores of each shooting sports. An overall trophy will be … Read More